Greenleaves Master Association (GMA) meetings are held throughout the year. Parcels designate a representative at GMA meetings. If you have a suggestion or concern, please contact your parcel officers, parcel representative and/or the GMA office.  Residents are welcome to attend GMA meetings, as well as their parcel meetings, to stay up to date on Greenleaves' issues.

This summary of rules and procedures will help you understand Greenleaves.
· Communications. Greenleaves publishes the Gazette, a one-page newsletter that is mailed to residents with their quarterly bills. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook

 ·  Dues. We pay dues quarterly. These funds are budgeted mainly for the upkeep of greenbelts, maintenance, improvements of common spaces and security patrols. We encourage you to sign up for automatic payment of your dues.

 · Waste disposal. Garbage pick-up by Waste Management is on Monday and Thursday. The collection fee is included on your quarterly GMA bill. Please place items at the curb no sooner than 6:00 p.m. on the evening before scheduled pickup. Return garbage cans to your storage by the same evening of pickup. They should be kept out of sight from the street at all other times. For more information, call Waste Management at 1-800-622-6537 or 985-643-7784.

Curbside recycling is no longer available due to adverse economic conditions affecting the industry.

Waste Management will collect bundled brush and bulk items curbside weekly on Monday and Thursday. What is a bulk item? It’s an appliance, piece of furniture, or some other residential item that’s too large for a container (no bricks, concrete, dirt or shingles). Refrigerators must have the refrigerant removed by a technician and be tagged. Please call Waste Management at 1-800-284-2451 to schedule pickup.

  • Brush and Bulk Waste
  • Cut into 4-foot lengths, tied up in bundles, weighing no more than 50 pounds each
  • Chairs, small miscellaneous household furniture
  • Up to 2 cubic yards in volume allowed
  • 5 lawn bags only per pickup
  • NOT Bulk Waste
  • Larger than 4 feet, heavier than 75 pounds
  • Vehicles and parts

·  Home improvements & maintenance. Please maintain your property in accordance with our rules We have rules and regulations for construction and renovations. Please check with your parcel president for help. Proceeding without a Greenleaves permit may make you eligible for fines. The permit process is quick and easy and at no cost to you. Compliance upholds the integrity and property values of Greenleaves. The GACC, Greenleaves Architectural Control Committee, expedites permit requests as quickly as possible.

Please remember to apply for a permit, and avoid fines, before

  • removing any tree
  • installing a fence or swimming pool
  • building a shed or house addition

·  Leaks. If you discover a gas leak, please notify Atmos immediately. If it is a common area notify the neighbors and let your parcel president and the GMA office know. If there is a sewage leak in the streets, ditches or ponds, contact Magnolia Water billing & customer service at 855-643-8152 and let your parcel president and the GMA office know.

  ·  Lost and Found. If you find any items in common areas, you can bring them to the Greenleaves Office. For lost and found pets, check with the St. Tammany Humane Society and also Pet Harbor Please only post flyers on parcel bulletin boards. Do not post on stop signs, street signs, etc., as it is against the law.

 ·  Parking prohibitions. Parking any vehicles on the street overnight or for extensive periods of time is prohibited. This serves as a crime deterrent and provides added safety for children who play and bike in the street. Boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc. should be parked in closed storage or within a garage. They can be parked behind GACC-approved 6-ft wooden fences if hidden entirely from view.

  ·  Path. The 2.6-mile walking path along the boulevard is available to all residents of Greenleaves.  Your dog must be on a leash in accordance with the state and parish laws.  Litter from your dog is your responsibility to clean up; there are garbage cans along the path.  Common courtesy of bikers, joggers and walkers needs to prevail. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the path.  You may access the Tammany Trace via our path by the Lonesome Road access path.

 ·  Police. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Department provides police response for Greenleaves.  GMA contracts security patrols to enhance our safety.  If you need to file a report or speak with an officer, call the St. Tammany Sheriff’s Dept. at: Non-emergency 898-2338.  As always in the instance of an emergency, call 911.  We are not within the City of Mandeville and do not receive coverage by the Mandeville Police Department. If you see a suspicious person, vehicle or activity in the subdivision, call the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office. After you contact the police, you can notify your parcel president and the GMA office.

  ·  Prohibited disturbances & fire safety. Loud music or excessive dogs barking are not allowed under St. Tammany ordinances. Firearms are not to be shot off in the subdivision. Open fires are not permitted by law.

 ·  Signs. One real estate (e.g., "for sale") is sign allowed per lot. Postings are not allowed on Greenleaves traffic/street signs, fences, trees or at subdivision entrances. Please review the signage rules for further explanations and full details.

 ·  Streets & ditches. The parish owns and maintains all of the streets. Most parcels have an open drainage system, which is a parish servitude. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the servitude. Homeowners are not to cover ditches or plant anything that would obstruct the water flow. Any problems concerning your ditch flow should be directed to the Greenleaves office. Mosquito control by spraying along ditches after dark is a parish service. To help control these insects, please keep your property clear of standing water. Utility covers and pedestals are maintained by each respective company.

 ·  Streets lights. Cleco maintains most street lights. Each parcel pays for the electricity. Residents are asked to report to Cleco problematic street lights near their homes. Ask your parcel treasurer for the account number and note the number that identifies the light pole before calling Cleco. Four things any resident can contact Cleco regarding: (1) burned out or dimmed bulb – to replace bulb, (2) darkened or dirt-coated lens – to clean off lens, (3) bulb won’t stay on, i.e., turns on and off repeatedly throughout the night – to replace ballast, (4) tree branch obstructing light – to trim obstructive limbs.

  ·  Vehicle safety. Speed limits on the main boulevard are 25 mph and some parcel streets are as low as 15 mph. School buses, children and ducks & geese use these streets. Cars must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and intersections, including stopping to yield, according to state law. Please drive carefully.

  Local Resources


Atmos – natural gas


AT&T (phone, Internet & cable)


Charter Communications
(phone, Internet & cable)


CLECO – electricity


Waste Management – garbage & recycling


Magnolia. – water & sewerage



Causeway Toll Tag office


Causeway Update Line
(traffic & weather conditions) Radio-AM1700


Louisiana Motor Vehicles


Louisiana State Police – Troop L


Mandeville Post Office



Woodlake Elementary


Mandeville Middle


Fontainbleau Junior High


Fontainbleau High



St. Tammany Parish Councilwoman - Maureen O’Brien


St. Tammany Assessor's Office


St. Tammany Registrar of Voters


St. Tammany Parish School Board


St. Tammany Sheriff's Dept.


Mandeville Fire Dept. District 4


Hurricane Emergency Info


Poison Control


St. Tammany Mosquito Control


St. Tammany Animal Services


Council on Aging Senior Services


One-call for Line Locations before Digging